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What It Takes To Succeed In A Home Business

November 3rd, 2008 by admin

The first thing you need to look at is your commit to invest time into your home business. I’d love to tell you if you throw a few hundered bucks at it and sit back, your home business will grow and you will be rich.

To be honest, if you are not willing to invest 15 to 20 hrs. a week into a home business or if you are of the belief that you will be earning $10,000 a month in the next 30 days I suggest you get a second job and forget the home business concept. None of the business reviewed here are going to get you rich overnight. Yes there are a few exceptions, but that is definitely not the rule. That being said, here is what you’ll need to be successful at any home business.

  • A strong Desire and Commitment to improving your financial lifestyle
  • 15-20 hrs. a week to devote to your business
  • A willingness to educate yourself
  • The ability to overcome your fears and take Action

Desire and Commitment

For what ever reason you have decided to investigate becoming a home business owner. For most of us we are looking to obtain the dream of financial freedom. But, the reason behind the dream is what has to keep you going. What do I mean by “reason”? Maybe it is to provide a better way of life for your family, buy a new home, car or boat or maybe you want a few finer things but ultimately want to be able to give more to a charity. No matter what the reason, it must be strong enough for you to maintain your commitment to your business and follow a long term plan of action.

Invest 15-20 hrs. Per Week

Why 15-20 hrs. per week? No matter what home based business you ultimately choose, you will need to invest some time. If it was as simple as putting up a web site and prospects magically finding your site and buying what you have to offer, everybody would be earning huge paychecks. You will need to invest some time marketing, be it writing articles, adjusting your online campaigns, emailing, press releases ect. Driving traffic (prospects) to your web site will take some time and trial and error. But ask yourself, would earning 4-5 or $10,000 or more a month be worth 20 hrs. of your time a week.

Willingness To Educate Yourself

Learning how to market and how and explode your business is essential. Every successful entrepreneur continually educates themselves, the time you take to learn new marketing techniques will pay huge dividends down the road. Invest the lions share of your education budget into expanding your marketing library. The better you become at marketing your product or opportunity, the more successful your business will be and the more money you will ultimately make.

Ability To Overcome Fear And Take Action

Fear is nothing more than an acronym for a “False Expectation Appearing Real”. Fear can be paralyzing and unless you overcome it and take Action nothing will change. If you do not get over your fear of investing in a home business, tomorrow will be the same as today. You will wake up go to work and earn the same paycheck, at the same job and your dream will stay just that, a dream.

You Must overcome your fear’s and take some action. Marketing will be new to you and you will have some fear about applying the marketing techniques you will learn. Unless you apply what you learn your business will not grow. I am not telling you to just jump in and start doing. Find what makes sense to you educate yourself, but by all means apply what you learn as long as it makes sense.

For those of you just begining in the home business arena a must have is a good mentor, sombody to show you the ropes to skyrocketing your profits.

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